There ia an  added value of a Fernwood Border Collie.  I guarantee my puppies to be free from genetic disease for their lifetime!  Money back guarantee! Who else does that? I am focused on creating a genetic pool for diversification, to create a unique looking puppy who is so also exceedingly healthy.  I supplement with bottle feedings from birth to weaning, and then I hand feed each pup individually.  The results have been creating a docile puppy who is so attuned to a human  that potty training is done by the time they go to new homes.       

" I describe myself as a Boutique Breeder because I will provide you with many A'la Carte options most breeders can't.  You can even arrange for your puppy to stay here for advanced training like kennel or potty training.  I am a retired nurse who loves dogs, has one litter of puppies a year, and keeps the puppies in the living room. I want to make this puppy the easiest pet you've ever owned not only for your benefit, but for the puppy.  I offer a live web feed into the whelping box so you will watch your puppy grow.  I'm also a bit of a shutter bug, so you'll have plenty of gorgeous pictures from day one. The pups are introduced to a doggie kennel, use a doggie door, and are started on the bell hanging on the door to signify going outside.   They are raised in a farm setting, playing in the fresh air every day. I continue with online support for your training issues or questions you just didn't have before you left.  I  also offer you low cost boarding while you go off on vacation.  My presence can be as large or as small as you need."

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